installation, mixed media


A series of urban-context installations questions the relationship to the other in a time of international migratory crisis. The migrant man’s silhouette is an opaque surface leaving no glimpse of his humanity.  Life, origins are all prior.  The silhouette is a dark screen on which one and all project their fears, an eclipse blocking the light common to existence. In hiding a part of its content, the installation’s structure confronts us with how impossible it is to see its entirety and forces us to move a few steps to see what is hidden. The itinerary of the migrant man is to be seen in the form of a series of dimensions, as so many stages and lives, that the artist – catalyzing energies and human emotions – interprets as spontaneous paintings. The park that is home to these transient works is also an antechamber to the migrant’s future: a new departure or a new home.

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